Dream in Color


Let’s continue Green Week (I know it’s not Saint Patrick’s yet but it’s not really celebrated in Sweden and besides, I need green now. If you looked through my window today you would understand. It not green, it’s gray).


A little while ago, before Christimas (and I must have really felt the Christmas spirits because, I mean, just look at the colors of this shawl!) I felt it was time I tried a new brand of yarn. I read all these North American knitting blogs and they use yarn in so many different brands with the most beautiful names and those yarns are often just impossible to find in Sweden. Instead you have to order them from the US or Canada (which is usually a little cheaper than if they were sold in Sweden but instead you have shipping and customs) but that’s not something you do everyday. Therefore I have some different brands of yarn that I’m interested in trying out but it’s not often I get a chance.


So, before Christmas I decided it was time to try out Dream in Color. I had one project left in the 12-projects-for-me-each-year goal and I also had a pattern I had been looking forward to make for a while. That’s how this shawl came to life during the few days between Christmas and New Year’s. I finished on New Year’s Eve and I am very happy with the result. I also added beads. The yarn was nice, a little courser than expected but still very nice.

Patter: Afloat by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Smooshy from Dream in Color. Colors: Shiny Moss, Teaparty and Valentine. Mods: beads added to the lace.