I will not be waiting by the phone


Since we’ve entered the first spring month, why not continue with the green theme from yesterday? This is a cape, a myster knit along that was made in November and December.


I must say I rather like it, not to mention how easy it was to block. It’s green, it’s pretty and it looks good. If I ever happen to find myself in a fantasy novel and out on a quest I think this would be good to bring.


Why? you ask. Well, not that I am any kind of wiz when it comes to fantasy novels, I’ve read about five of them depending where you draw the line of a fantasy novel, but it seems like you are often out a very long walk while in them. For weeks and weeks you just walk and walk and sleep under a tree or something (yes, this is why I would never be in a fantasy novel but should it happen, I have the cape for it).


Also, it’s green and from what I understand these walks are usually in the woods and it’s extremely important that you are not seen. Well then, what could be better than a green cape? Also, it’s warm since it’s wool and that’s also very important if you are out in the forest at night, to keep warm. If nothing else, it’s hard to keep quiet when you’re teeth are rattling.


When looking at it from the front it actaually look as if it has sleeves, which it doesn’t so it could also function as some sort of blanket or it could warm serveral of my felloq “questers” as long as they are smaller than me (which shouldn’t be a problem, these novels seem to be filled with small creatures).


Also, the beads make you look very stylish at the same time which could be good because you can also use the cape as an accessory when you get invited to the banquet (there is always a banquet) and have nothingĀ enchantingĀ to wear. It’s almost as if I thought of the quest thing before I started knitting because the original beads were supposed to be a lime green-y color but I changed it to these brass colored ones, which are much less detectable while hiding in the forest.


There were yarn left when I had finished so I made some additional rows, also stated in the pattern. However, it’s not possible to make to repeats on top of each other without changing the number of stitches between yarn overs in the second repeat to make them line up nicely.


Then I also added more beads in the additional rows, as the pattern had no beads there.


So yeah, I’ve made myself a perfect attire for going on a quest in the woods, I had a good time doing it and it turned out very pretty.


Pattern: Aglow by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning String Studio Luxury Fingering. Color: Mossy Green.