Is it here yet?


Someone assured me that there we be summer again. I’m sceptical but surrounded myself with some pink yarn, put on some 90’s pop on and carried on. So, to make myself believe that there actually can be a summer again I’m showing you a green cowl.


Some greens are just the exact right shade and this one is. That became clear when I had brought it to work to show my co-workers and one of them came in, held it in her hand and we all saw that it was her color. She has red hair and spends a lot of time in Italy so has usually a very nice tan and this green perfectly brought out all that. To not make her something out of it would have been a crime and so I made this. To make it was a little tricky, it included a lot switching needles but I think the result made it worth it (even though it will be a while before I make another one).


Pattern: Lace Texture Cowl by Karen D. Kendrick-Hands. Yarn: BFL fingering from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, color Crabby Apple Green.