There’s nothing mock about it

They say accidents never comes alone and instead of telling you how that prooves to be true (over worked and with a big fat cold on the way) I’m going to show you some knitting.


These are wrist warmers, pretty wrist warmers that I whipped together on one single day. Granted pretty much all I did that day was knit on these wrist warmers.


I had 22 grams of yarn when I started and and when I finished I had four grams left.


For some reason those are called mock cables but I guess that’s only because the pattern didn’t call for a cable needle. Since I never use a cable needle, for me there is nothing mock about these cables. Or all of my cables are mock ones. (I refuse to believe that last part. If stitches has switched places in a deliberate way it’s a cable.)


Earlier in the fall I was asked for a pair of red wrist warmers and I was happy to oblige. Besides, I got to use my scales a lot.


Pattern: Mock Cable Wrist Warmers by Anita Grahn. Yarn: Malabrigo Sock, color Tiziano red. Mods: only followed the first half of the pattern and made eleven repeats of the first chart and then bound off.