Hanna in the wind


Certain days call for certain colors. One of Hanna’s favorite colors was orange. I know that because she asked me to knit her an orange shawl which I did and she really, really liked it, especially that it was asymmetrical and that it went to well with her denim jacket.


This passed week people have asked me if I knew Hanna well. We used to go out for tea and coffee a few times a year, we wrote messages on Twitter and she cautioned Julle when she caught him about to enter a bike without lights one evening. And, I knit for her. I brought that knitting with me on my trip to the States, I knit it at the airport and on the airplane and when Julle and I took photos of it later it was caught by the wind and didn’t want to stay in the same place. I think it got a taste for travelling. Yes, we knew each other and now she isn’t here anymore. I am so glad I made that shawl for her because that means that a little piece of me was with her even when I wasn’t. I imagine she has gone to a place where the truck is long and the road is clean and free from wreckless drivers, the sun is shining, the metal music is loud and she is wearing a denim jacket and an orange shawl and she is happy. For real.

Me. I’m wearing orange.