It was just a matter of time

NGY Yellow Yarn

It took three days. Three days of knitting icy blue before I started longing for something else. And not just anything, I’m looking for the perfect warm yellow. Apparently I almost no yellow at all in the stash and absolutely no perfect yellow. I don’t know what to do with the perfect yellow, I just need to have it close to me, snuggle it. I once had perfect yellow and I knit a shawl out of it and gave it to Agnieszka. It will take some time to order more and I still won’t know if it will be the perfect yellow when it finally arrives. Maybe in the meantime I should ask to borrow Agnieszka’s shawl, just to get me through the time till I find another skein of perfect yellow. And maybe I should start stashing up on yellow too, you never know when you might need it.