Tea-pee party


When I lived in France, me and my friend Lyndsey used to meet up and watch James Bond movies and talk all night. We ate chocolate and drank pots and pots of tea and since tea is quite diuretic (that’s a new word for me in English, it’s v√§tskedrivande in Swedish) we had to go to the bathroom a lot, thus these Bond Nites also became known as tea-pee parties. They were lovely and even though we don’t see each other that often anymore, we used to live fifteen minutes by foot away from each other and now it’s more than ten hours by airplane, we still drink a lot of tea when we do see each other.

Today has been a reminder of those tea-pee parties.¬† I’ve had more tea today than I’ve had in a long time (and believe me, I usually drink a lot of tea every day) because I’ve met with so many people today. I had tea for breakfast, I had tea with my mother, we had company for dinner and afterwards we had tea and then in the evening my friend Anna came and we watched a movie and had, yes, some more tea. Yep, diuretic I think the word was. It’s a small sacrifice though (I just need to remember to fill up with water before I go to bed), especially compared to Julle, who has been drinking quite some coffee today. He’s pretty… energetic by now…