We’re here now


I know I’m a bad blogger these days but for some reason I’m really tired all the time and I figure I better deal with that Before I do anything else. But don’t despair, I’m still knitting. As a proof of that I can show you my NaKnitMo counter, over a hundred thousand stitches. It was done yesterday which means that I have still six days to knit. My rate so far is about 25 000 stitches per six days so I should, if this fatigue doesn’t get the better of me, make it to 125 000 before Monday next week. Last year I reached 100 000 on November 30 (and here I was thinking that I might not be able to reach 100 000 stitches this year. Or, maybe this is the reason why I’m so tired). What if this isn’t unusual for me? What if I knit so much all year long, it’s just that I’ve never counted any other month than November before. What if I make 100 000 stitches or about that every month. That should mean that I knit more than one million stitches in one year. I need to go lie down now.