Yarn snuggle


Sometimes when I have a bad day think about all the yarn I have in my stash and I start craving it. I think that as soon as I get home I will pick out the most delicious ones in the brightest and prettiest colors (all my yarn is delicious in lovely colors but it all depends on the mood) and I will take those skeins and lie down on the couch and just snuggle with my yarn. I never do though. When I get home I take out my knitting and I make a few rows and that takes the edge off. Or it reminds me that I really should finish something before I start something new. My idea of snuggling with the yarn on the couch is probably because when I have that thought I’m always far away from a knitting possibility, the further away I am, the bigger the need, so to speak. It’s like the most delicious knitting is always the next one and rarely the current one. That is probably yet another reason to have so many projects on the go at the same time.