NaKnitMo 2014


It’s November 1st and that means the first day of National Knitting Month, NaKnitMo. I’ve done it twice beforeĀ and it’s really fun. Last year I set my goal on 35000 stitches and I had reached that in about eleven days. Instead I knit over 100 000 stitches last November. This year I figure I have a little less time than last year so I’ve settled for 75 000 stitches (but I still hope for 100 000 stitches). That’s 2500 stitches a day. So far I’ve knit 36.

I’ve been looking forward to this year’s NaKnitMo. For some reason I’ve thought that I will have so much knitting time in November but we’ll see. Either way it’s going to be fun to start keeping record of my stitches and lucky for me I have a shawl with 865 stitches per row to knit so that should really help me reach my goal (I must admit thought that it was a little demoralizing to realize that 100 000 stitches will only take me half the way through the 250 rows of the body (and let’s not talk about all the stitches that are left after the 250 rows are completed)).

So, the game is on, 75 000 stitches, here I come!