Back to the beginning


Yesterday was my bobbin lace class. It’s so much fun. We’re sitting around the table, eight ladies and a teacher, bobbin away and talking about grandchildren and retirement and handcrafts and such. It’s very lovely.


This time for my new lace, I decided to go back to basics. In early 2013, when I first started taking bobbin lace classes, my very first lace was a lace called Udd och stad (point and selvedge). It’s only six pairs of bobbins and is therefore a fairly quick lace. I bobbined and bobbined in my mother’s kitchen and the next class I could show an 8 inches (20 cm) long lace which my bobbin lace teacher praised adequately. (Considering how life was in February 2013 I needed a lot of praise, it made me childishly happy (I responded well to gifts too). Not that I didn’t want praise before that, and after too, but spring 2013 was something exceptional, and bobbin lace was perfect: something I turned out to be fairly good at almost from the start and a very enthusiastic teacher.)


I wish I would have filmed my work and my progress with that first lace, it would have been fun too watch and see if there has been any development in skill (there must be) in comparison with this attempt. I think it’s beneficial to go back to basics every once in a while, as a reminder of the progress and development. I know I can make much bigger and more difficult laces now but it isn’t until I go back to that first lace I can truly feel that I’m a better lace maker now than 18 months ago. If nothing else, I’m definitely faster.