Buttons and lace


Tonight it was finally time again for bobbin lace night. It was great everyone and compare new laces and patterns and such.


I made good progress on my Scania lace, a type of lace with no paper pattern around the roll and instead you use a striped fabric to help you keep track of your lace. Also, the needles are only at the edges and never inside the lace.


I hade made cupcakes for the coffee break and please note the little button shaped sugar decorations. I picked them especially for the bobbin lace group┬ásince we are all a little obsessed with crafts in general and some of us with buttons particularly. They were very appreciated and, if I may say so myself, they were delicious (even though they accidentally fell out of the jar and into the bicykle basket on the way there, but don’t tell anyone).

This was a very nice evening.