GLP update #4. A reflection


So, it turns out there are both advantages and disadvantages about a cone. The obvious advantage is of course that the cone contains yarn, a lot of yarn, and I like yarn and I need yarn for this project. The disadvantage is that it’s impossible to bring the project anywhere. The cone is not really an accessory that goes with every outfit. I can’t pull off carrying a cone under my arm everywhere. Plus, I have to put the cone somewhere when I knit. It’s a little tricky but I’m trying out new ways of working around it. Also, I have to put it somewhere when I don’t knit. It defenitely doesn’t fit in any of my project bags. I think the solution is to knit fast before it gets dusty and keep the actually knitted part of the project in a project bag. That should do it, for now at least. Just imagine what will happen when the cone gets smaller and the project bigger, will it still fit in the project bag? On the other hand, a knitted project has one big advantage over a cone. It folds.