The Floating Baby


Remember how I got a little nephew in May? Well, as an aunt I take my auntly responsibilities very serious and I couldn’t let baby nephew arrive into the world without proper clothing (and as you might guess, the only proper clothes worth the name are handknitted ones. Or pretty dresses. Or…).


I spent all of Easter, when I wasn’t out skiing or eating yummy food, knitting for baby nephew. I’ve shown you two sweaters before and this is the third.


It’s perhaps a little warm for summer so I hope it will fit even later in the fall.


Also, the yoke looked a little funny to me but then again, babies doesn’t really have any shoulders to speak of, and I think this might be perfect for baby nephew in like December. Also, since the sweater is red, baby nephew will look very Christmas-y, he’ll fit right in. Put him in Santa’s lap and he will become cosmic, where you can only see his head and his legs since the torso will melt right into Santa’s coat. Maybe that will be baby nephew’s party trick – the Floating Baby (sounds a bit like a Sherlock Holmes case if you ask me).


Anyway, I truly hope baby nephew will enjoy his sweater, party trick or not, and that it won’t be too warm or too cold and that he doesn’t find it itchy.


Pattern: Antler Cardigan by tincanknits. Yarn: Drops Lima from Garnstudio. Color: the undeniable 3609 red.