GLP update #3


Today I held in my hand a cone of yarn. 500 grams of cobweb wool. I was fortunate enough to find a place where I could order more yarn to continue my lace (I still have a small amount of yarn left from the original ball). I’ve never held a cone of yarn in my hands before, it was quite big. And just the thought that I probably need more of this yarn than only this cone, well, it’s dizzying.


On my way home from the post office I became a little suspicious about the color. I ordered the natural/undyed and I became afraid that it was too yellow.


And was I right! My lace is snow-white, this cone is beige/yellow sort of. It’s not possible to start over, I’ve come too far, more than half of the border lace. So, I’ve sent it back and hopefully the yarn company can replace it. Soon…