Only so much I can make

I wish I was knitting more. Not in a way that I want to try new yarns and new patterns and have a lovely new sweater, no, not that even though that is a big reason why I knit too. No, I wish I could knit more and faster because I feel there are so many that need knitwear.

I wish I had time to knit three sweaters with matching bonnets for every baby there is in my proximity. I wish I had time to knit a shawl for my friend who is worried about a thing she’s about to do and could really do with something cosy and comforting around her that feel like home. I whis I had time to knit socks, wrist warmers and scarfs for a friend with a cronic desease. I wish I had time to knit something stylish for my friend who is a mother and who doesn’t have time to go shopping but really wish she did.


I wish I had time to knit so much more for all the people I love and care about but I don’t. I knit almost everywhere when I have an opportunity and I try to make up as much knitting time as I possibly can but knitting is a slow process, which is part of why a knitted gift is so valuable. Of course I could go into a store and buy all these people a present in ten minutes and be done with it, but that’s not the same thing. No, that it is a slow process is part of the comfort, love and warmth of the gift. I knit love into every stitch (even the occasional dropped one, my love for it shows in the fact that I actually bothered to pick it up again) and I believe and hope that the receiver can feel that when wearing it.

Even though it won’t be possible to knit everything I want, I’m going to at least try.

For starters I’m going to make something delicious with this.

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