August is Red

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that fall is in the air. It’s barely mid-August and it’s not like I’m in mid-January is starting to see signs of spring – hence, no signs of fall yet. I have been wearing a sweater three mornings in a row though and I’m back to work. Schools start next week and there is some kind of preparation in the air. I want to harvest. I don’t know what to harvest but I want to harvest.


I also want to make sturdy bread and cakes and cookies, things with corn in them. Things with apples and marmelade, jam and other stuff you do to take care of the deliciousness that summer has given you. It won’t be long until I look very deep into the reds and the oranges and yellows instead of green and light blue.


It seems like it’s time start preparing people for cold air by knitting them warm things. Fall is a time for new beginnings (oddly enough, shouldn’t it be spring? I think it’s because you are used to start a new school year in the fall). Also, I don’t think it helps that my synesthesia (I promise, I’m not crazy) makes the word August red (in both Swedish, English and French. Not in Polish. Maybe I would not start thinking of fall if I was constantly talking and thinking in Polish?), a very fall color.


No matter what color August is and wether it’s fall or not, I usually feel the urge to cast on new things by mid-August and early September. I have a vest and a dress in mind and have had that for quite some time but right now that doesn’t thrill me. I want to be creative, cast on new things, use new yarn, shop the stash to take out all the really lovely stuff.


I’m thinking pink. During spring all I wanted to make was blue stuff, now I’m casting long and longing glances at the pink department of the stash. I want pink. What can I knit in pink? Something delicious (it is usually easier to find delicious things in pink, maybe because a part of the word delicious is pink even though none of the letters are, or rather, it’s connected to pink somehow even though I think the word is grey).


I’m trying to be brave though. I want to finish things before I can start something new. I remember last August when I had the same urge to cast on and knit two baby sweaters and then completely disregarded the cardigan I was making for myself (in pink nontheless) and I still haven’t picked it up again (it might be because of the sleeves, I’ve made a half).


I knit dutifully on my GLP, one rep a day and I’m slowly getting there. I cast on a cowl last week which I also knit on and I should really finish the gray and raspberry red shawl and, most of all (since it’s the project most likely to be forgotten), the green blanket.


The green blanket is not pink though.

Pattern: Modular cardigan and Star-Topped Hat by Doreen L. Marquart. Yarn: Drops Safran from Garnstudio, colors 20 Rust and 06 Denim. Mods: knit the cardigan top down with long-tail cast on instead of yoke up with a provisional cast on.