In the paw steps of Peter No-Tail

This has been another lovely and warm day and I’ve spent it with a special friend of mine, F. F and I and F’s mother have been very culturally inspired today. We started the day with a guided tour of the paw steps of Peter No-Tail, a tailless cat that once lived in Uppsala together with some other cats, good and bad.


The books about Peter No-Tail are written by Gösta Knutsson who also worked in Uppsala. F was able to track down the street where Peter lives with his family and found a model of how it looks inside Peter’s cellar air-hole.


After we had heard the stories about Peter No-Tail we went to his theme playgrund where F was swinging and going on the slide and driving a bus. Then we had a picnic, a lovely summer picnic with fruit, sandwiches, juice, cookies and chocolate, everything you need for a picnic. It was a big day for F and after a while the stroller and binky looked very tempting while mommy and me sat down chatting.

It was a great day for all of us, a perfect way of spending your summer – friends and family, food, fun and a little cultural stimulation. What more could you ask for?