The Big Yarn Trip

Not too long ago my family became decidedly more Polish. This made me, apart from very eager to learn the language, aware of everything Polish. Last fall I first found Malabrigo Yarn at my local yarn store and I immediately fell into deep irrevocable love. I needed more of this amazing yarn so I surfed their webpage and found they had a retailer, Magic Loop, in Warsaw. What a great way of combining my yarn interest with my desire to learn Polish! Włóczka – yarn – was the first word I picked up.

Now, I have good connections in Warsaw and close proximity to Polish speakers who were all willing to help me and a few weeks later I had yarn in my hands. Lovely, lovely yarn.

Magic Loop doesn’t ship outside of Poland, I think, but in February I had another opportunity of getting my hands one some yarn. By now my knitter friends thought this was really fun and I promised them I would bring them yarn if I went to Warsaw myself.

In April it became clear that I would be able to go to Warsaw in early May and me and my friends started to search the Magic Loop webpage for yarn. We placed our orders and then we waited. It was such a long wait and it took some willpower to not start ticking off the days in my calendar.

Then, finally, we went. Warsaw is a sweet city which welcomed us with big arms, warm weather and blooming lilacs, good ice-cream and great architecture. But most of all it welcomed us with yarn. It turned out that together me and my friends had picked out 72 skeins of yarn that arrived in a huge box.

It felt like Christmas when I got to open the box and line up the skeins on the couch. It was so beautiful and my heart took a little extra jump.

Along with the yarn, sweet Agnieszka from Magic Loop had included some pattern books, candy and the oh, so treacherous yarn samples, lovely tied together with satin ribbons and handwritten little notes with punched out butterflies. I’ve already started to plan my next purchase because of these samples. Also, I actually slept with a skein on my bedside table the first night.

To fit all this yarn in the suitcase was a little bit of a challenge but we managed. Luckily we brought two suitcases and not much more shopping besides the yarn was made and we arrived home safe and sound without loosing a single skein.

When I came back,  me and my friends had a great time handing out everyone’s order and admire each other’s yarn. I can see some future masterpieces here.

This was the first yarn trip but I doubt it was the last.