Balcony improvement


Our home improvement continues. Now that all the boxes are gone and we’ve bought a foldable table it was time for the balcony to get a make over. During the spring they’ve renovated the balconies on the building and ours was finally done a week ago. The other day Julle took out the temporary wood floor, the “summer floor” and we also took out the furniture and the cushions. Today it was time for flowers.


It was the hottest day so far this summer and we went to the ‘flower and garden store” where we were picking up flower boxes, flower pots, mould, flower baskets and clay pebbles. I don’t know anything about gardening but we walked around the store and discussed what we wanted and read labels and thought of flowers and colors and scratched our heads and tried to squeeze out everything we’ve ever heard about gardening from our significantly more green-fingered friends and we only had to make one phone call to one of those friends, about what mould to use, and when Julle started quoting the TV show Rosemary and Thyme we thought it was time to leave.


Back home Julle put up the flower baskets and I concentrated on the flower boxes. We had decided on dahlias and picked two of each color and I planted them in a color continuum from yellow to light pink.


We also bought two begonias and one geranium, that I also re-planted and put on the balcony. I have an idea of a begonia on an embroidered tablecloth on top of our new table but for now it will stay outside.


I think it all turned out very well and we’ve spent all evening out there eating strawberries.


It’s like a little oasis, I could spend all my time there. Tomorrow we’ll have breakfast out there, read the paper and listen to the radio. A perfect summer morning (if the weather allows it).