GLP update I


An update on my GLP status (GLP – Great Lace Project). So far I’ve knit six pattern repeats and one repeat takes about an hour, or 50-something minutes, including mistakes and their solving. It goes faster if I’m all alone and it’s completely quiet but that is also quite boring, the lace itself is not entertainment enough. In fact, it’s almost a chore but the more I do and the more confident I get the more fun it becomes. It’s still a little too slow though. I am making progres on the concentration scale, I can actually watch TV if I’m not super intresting in the plot and Julle is allowed to speak as long as he is quiet when I need to correct a mistake. One of these days I hope I will be able to answer him too.

Edge border pattern repeats:
79 to go. It feels much better now that we are down in the 70’s.