The long and winding road

Today my throat wasn’t sore at all which means that yesteday’s problems was probably due to pollen allergy. To be on the safe side I’ve had a calm day, it ha rained today so it wasn’t that fun to go outside anyway. Instead I’ve taken care of a little problem. You see, ever since we moved I don’t really have an easy way of wind my skeins. The table I used to use is no longer available and other tables and chairs are either too thick or not square enough. This means that there is a small shuffle every time a skein is to be wound. On Midsummer we had guests and all of a sudden I was without knitting and I couldn’t wind skeins to start a new one. Luckily I was able to find something anyway to save the evening but I also decided it was time to do something about it all.


Earlier this spring I bought two skeins of yarn to make myself a shawl. First I tried it with grey as main color and pink as a contrast and when that didn’t work out I switched to pink as main color. The grey is called Deep Unrelenting Grey and it sure is unrelenting because this turned out to not work either and when it was time to cut one of the colors I decided I’d rather frog it.


Instead I ordered eight new skeins in happy colors in hope of at least two of them would go well together. These ones have all had a week in the fridge and was let out a few days ago and I decided that today was the day to wind skeins into balls. I also had three other sets of yarn to take care of. We did the shift-round of furniture and got to work.


All in all I wound 19 skeins or 5320 meters. I am very happy with the result. In here there are two shawls, a wrap, a cowl, a slipover and probably a lot of other stuff as well. Now the question is which color will go with the deep unrelenting grey. Maybe pink, maybe green, we’ll see what happens. And which should be the main color?