I completely forgot to blog yesterday. I was occupied all evening and didn’t come home until very late. I think my forgetfulness is a sign that I need some rest. There has been a little too much to do, a little too much pollen in the air, and a little too much stress. Today I’ve tied up some loose ends and cleaned my desk and also had the satisfaction to tell an unfriendly and ungrateful person who had opinions about my work, that I basically didn’t care what s/he said because it wasn’t her/his place to ventilate opinions. All these tied up ends was a good way to end the week because now I my summer vacation is finally here. Many funfilled summer weeks of no work and lots of knitting. I will relax, hopefully enough to release the tension in my jaws. I have probably already started relaxing because my throat started to get sore late in the afternoon and even though I’ve had one pot of tea I couldn’t get rid of it. I am probably heading right into a huge summer cold. To celebrate my vacation and to make myself feel better I have surrounded myself with good things. I have tea, I have knitting, I have my prettiest new yarn and I have chocolate. I might also have ordered some more yarn and new project bags in a moment of giddiness. Now I’m just going to rest and let this cold pass and since I’m on vacation I have all the time in the world to wait it out. I just hope it will pass quickly.