It’s complicated


Summer is truly here, it’s warm outside, there are flowers everywhere, nobody wants to work and I realize I have a project I haven’t shown you yet. Actually, I have a few but this one happen to be orange and there is no color that is so far from June as orange and therefor I’m going to show it to you now to have it done with. Then tomorrow we can move on to more summer-y colors.


I do, even when it’s not June, have a complicated relationship with orange. Sometimes it’s okay and this fall I even looked for orange myself. It is a complicated relationship though and I’m very picky with the shades of orange. An orange with a lot of yellow in it can be quite nice and I can appreciate that a lot but any other shades of orange makes me feel odd and an orange placed next to something black simply becomes ugly and there is something inside me that hurts. I can’t stand it.


It’s actually the same with brown but me and brown has become better friends over the years (even though brown and orange together will never, I say never, be something I actively search for (I cringe by the thought)). The same thing with marine blue. When I was a kid it felt like every grown-up woman wore marine blue (now that I’m older I can understand it, it was the 80’s and 90’s after all and I can totally understand if mature women thought it difficult to find clothes that went well with their age among the mint green and bright pink sweats, blue eye-shadow and hair with waves, and therefore stuck to marine blue) and I thought that utterly boring when there were so many other colors that could be worn. I wonder what five year old me would think of 29 year old me… Not that I wear that much marine blue but I don’t look away from it either.


With that being said, I have a complicated relationship with orange, when my friend asked me if I could knit her a shawl in orange I said I would do it. She didn’t really know what she wanted but after I had asked her a few questions about shape and yarn weight and she had hugged some merino, we had a pretty clear picture of what she wanted. I searched the Internet for some pattern suggestions and she decided on one of them, a sideways knit shawl in an asymmetrical triangle.


The pattern was fun to knit, if a little tedious by the end (which might have something to do with the fact that I was really tired with a heavy cold stuck on an airplane rather than the actual pattern itself). The yarn was a nice merino, very forgiving, and the same color as my Gateway to Fall.


The shawl turned out really nice, the pattern is beautiful and very interesting, and my friend is very happy with it. I like the shawl a lot and I could see myself knit another one some day. I’m just glad I did it in March and not now because I don’t think I could stand knitting orange in June.


Pattern is Go Your Own Way Shawlette by Star Athena. Yarn is Malabrigo sock, color Terracota.