Sunday at the allotment


This past weekend we’ve had gorgeous weather and since I had to finish my exam during Saturday, and therefore couldn’t enjoy the weather as much as I wanted to, I took the opportunity to spend Sunday at my friend Heléne’s allotment.


Spring has really done wonders with the nature, it’s green and beautiful and flowers everywhere. Birds are singing and the lilacs shower you in the most amazing smell.


We had cookies and tea in the garden and sat there all afternoon while the sun set slowly behind the apple tree. That’s the thing I love the most about Sweden in the summer I think – the light. You can go out and take a walk late in the evening and the sun is still shining.


My new-found semi-fascination for gardening is still limited though and I’m so far still more interested in looking at beatutiful gardens than making one myself, which is another reason why I really like allotment areas, there are beautiful gardens everywhere and I can take long walks all the while watching beauty everywhere.


Well, we didn’t only just have tea and cookies, most of the time was spent working on our projects, Heléne crocheting and me sewing labels and knitting. I thought it suiting that I brought a project that matched the garden.


Sun, flowers, cookies, knitting – it was the perfect summer day.