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Lately the weather hasn’t been at all what one would want for mid-May, it’s been rainy and cold. For me that’s okay since all I’m doing (well, not all) in my spare time is study and that would have been just horrendous had it been 20 degrees C and sunny outside. But, with all the rain comes a want of color and therefore I though it appropriate to show you my Lichen.


In February I was in a badly want of color and when I found this gradient yarn I could not resist. I had to make something from it.


What came was Lichen by Larissa Brown.


When I had cast on and knit a few pattern repeats it all resembled a chanterelle, which is not at all bad, but not really what I had in mind. It was rather cute though. Sadly the chanterelle look ended as I made progress and added more repeats.


The yarn is EQ from Kauni.


We took the pictures on a rather windy day and when the wind got hold of the shawl it looked like people in bright skirts dancing in a line next to each other, taking one turn each.


I finished it on the plane ride over to the States in back in March and I don’t know if people liked my knitting or not but the ones around me kept sneaking peeks at me when they thought I wasn’t looking. The lady to my left reached over the two empty chairs between us to touch the end of the shawl that was resting on the seat beside while I was working the last few repeats. She didn’t say anything, she just touched it (as much as I like talking to people, especially about knitting, I was acutally happy that she didn’t say anything. I find it incredibly hard to hear what people say on an airplane, especially if they are seated a few seats from me and none of us are speaking our native language) and I hope she did so because she liked it and though it pretty.


The only thing with this shawl that requires a little creativity is the usage. If you wrap it around your neck there is a good chance people will think you are playing non-existing type of flower #1 in your Elementary School production of pretty much anything (I highly recommend this pattern though if you are a parent and you have about 48 hours to come up with a flower costume for your seven year old’s school play, just make it big enough to wrap once around the neck and make if in the color of assigned flower). Also, you can’t wear much color beside this shawl or it will just disappear or simply be too much (if that is ever possible). A black dress and put this gently across your arms and behind you, without putting it on the actual shoulders, and I think we have a hit.

A party that requires a black dress, anyone?

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