Disco is back


A week before we went away over Easter I realized it might be a little cold and that I only have one pair of handknit socks myself. This had to be corrected obviously and I peeked into my stash and came up with a delicious 80’s disco colored sock yarn I bought this passed fall.


They knit up in no time, it was amazing. It seemed I just looked at tchem and they were finished. The yarn is Zwerger Garn Opal 4-fach 4 ply, color 4061 Surprise. The yarn seem to be discontinued which is a shame because it looks delicious! I wanted the colors to go undisturbed and I also imagined a pink toe so, inspired by Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls’

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Podcast, I researched a bit and then made an afterthought heel in pink Malabrigo sock yarn.

The socks turned out perfect, both the afterthought heels and my attempts to make them look the same and I simply love them!