For Sofia

In September my dear friend Anna and her husband became parents and earlier this spring me and Julle was invited to a little party to celebrate the arrival of Sofia. When I accepted the invitation Anna made sure I knew she would love it if I knit something but it was definitely not a compulsory, she would understand, knitting takes a lot of time and I have enough to do as it is.


I didn’t think much about weather I would knit something or not, I went off on vacation and when I came back I started Project Baby Love and all of a sudden I realized I was knitting a cardigan in Sofia’s colors. The thought of this cardigan being her’s had crossed my mind but it wasn’t until I ran out of yarn mid-yoke that this truly became her cardigan. (By the way, the running out of yarn was totally my fault, I had misread the pattern. It stated 350 or so meters instead of 300 meters as I thought.)


My LYS (Local Yarn Store) didn’t have any more yarn in the same colors and so I had to go with a color that would fit the green. Since I had already thought about this cardy for Sofia, the choice was easy, there simply was no other color that would go with the green and so brown it was.


The rest was easy. I quickly finished it up, blocked, made up the sleeves and weaved in ends.


As the final touch I added little wooden bee buttons, too cute to be true.

(Pattern: Puss – First size knitted set from Patons, a vintage pattern. Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, colors 7820 green and 5670 brown.)


When my mum saw the finished cardigan she said it was so cute it needed a hat. She was right of course and so I dug around in my pattern library and came up with a bonnet pattern that I could easily modify to match the cardigan. A green ribbon to tie under the chin finished it up.

(Pattern: Bonnet waves and half star by Siona Land modified with the lace from Puss – First size knitted set from Patons. Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, color and 5670 brown.)


I think this might be the prettiest cardigan and hat I’ve ever made. It’s simply lovely. Also, it’s very, very satisfying to make a matching hat to a cardigan. All of a sudden the baby feels so thoughtfully dressed. And if feels like much more of a gift to add a matching hat, it’s not just a cardigan – it’s an outfit!

2 thoughts on “For Sofia

  1. Ina, this sweater/hat set is absolutely LOVELY! I think running out of the green yarn was fortuitous because the brown really adds pizazz. And the little bonnet – just precious!

    • Thank you Sue! To be honest, I think this might be the prettiest things I’ve ever knit. I think it’s because the cardigan pattern is vintage, they really new how to make cute baby clothes in the 50’s! I also agree that running out of yarn, and my miscalculations so that actaully happened (and the fortunate state that my yarn store happened to be out of green yarn when I went there to pick up some more), all worked in the favor of the set. I don’t think I’ll dare do this too often though =)

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