Peer pressure


Yesterday I goot a text message with a picture of a bag and the word “oops”. The bag had no text on it, no label to tell where it came from but that wasn’t necessary. I recognize that bag anywhere. It’s transparent with big white squares on and I have had probably more than a hundred of those in my hands over the years. In fact, this morning when I cleaned my livingroom I found two, one empty on the floor (I must have been in a hurry, I don’t usually leave empty bags on the floor. At least not often) and one in another bag that I was cleaning out and there are five of them that I can see from where I’m sitting now writing. (Actually, about two minutes ago Julle asked me if a certain bag could be thown our and I asked what bag and it turns out even he knows these bags well despite the fact that there is no logo on them.) These bags come in different sizes and the one in the picture was fairly big which immeadiately tickled my imagination. The bag is from my LYS (local yarn store). Not only was this a bag from my LYS, it was not empty. The person texting me was showing me a picture of bag of yarn.

This was just before I was leaving work to go have dinner with Julle and friends (not to say that Julle is not a friend, or actually, this is indeed to say that Julle is not a friend, he is something else entirely but you get what my drift) and I looked at my watch. I had planned to run som errands, go to the shoemaker and the pharmacy, get ribbon for a hat and buttons for a sweater, things people normally do on their way from work, but now my thoughts were running marathons in my head and it only got worse when the next text arrived, which told me the contents of the bag. (Yes, I think this was pretty evil but I asked so I have myself to blame. Also, I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I hadn’t found out what was in the bag. It would have been like the time when a friend of mine gave me a bag from a store, because it was pretty and practical and useful and handy and I needed it and it was pink and totally a thoughtful thing to do for me except for the fact that is was a bag from a yarn store and it was EMPTY!)

I can’t honestly say that I wouldn’t have gone to the yarn store if the fabric store, where I bought the ribbon (green, lovely), had had the wood buttons I wanted but as it was, I had to go there to get the buttons (sure, I could have gotten them another time but there is no time like the present) and while I was there four balls of Baby Alpaca Silk sort of just fell onto the counter and in the bag that looked the same as the one in the picture. So yeah, I kind of came home with four more balls of yarn than expected but since I was going to dinner I was in a real hurry and I didn’t have time to look more closely, otherwise there might have been even more yarn balls leaving that store that afternoon. There is a connection there, the longer you stay in a yarn store, the more yarn you buy.

Now I’m going to knit a vest. But first I’ll finish the lace edge on my shawl. As you can hear, you’ll know where to find me for the rest of the weekend. I’ll be the girl behind and under the knitting needles.

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