Final clue (spoiler!)


The final clue for the MKAL Slip into spring by Cindy Garland, containing instructions for the bottom edge lace, arrived while I was asleep last night and this morning I hurried up to look through the pattern and imeadiately set out for the first repeat before having breakfast. It’s gorgeous! Look at those beads! They truly pop. Now I have 18 repeats left so I’ll get going on that tonight after work (and probably the rest of the weekend, I had vowed to get some ends weaved in and buttons sewn on this weekend for some stuff for my as-far-as-I-know-still-unborn nephew. He’ll arrive any day and I’m really excited (although apparently not excited enough to find it interesting to weave in ends, but that’s a different question). This will be such a lovely spring shawl, a petal pink color and a fragile and yet icy blue. Then only question now is what to wear with the shawl but I’ll Think of something. If nothing else it gives me yet another reason to unpack all the boxes that are still hanging around in the livingroom.