Spring Evenings


There is something special about spring evenings, these evenings in late April and early May. Everything looks prettier all of a sudden and the evenings are lighter and you never want to go home. You stay out much longer than you expected, standing in a street corner talking to your friends and forget about the time. You’re wearing your spring coat which is too cold in the morning but perfect when the sun is up but once the sun goes down it’s way too cold for that spring coat but you don’t care because the smell is wonderful and every moment is filled with promises, memories and expectations. There are flowers in every corner and every day there are new leaves on the trees until poof! everything is green around you and you have now idea when or how that happened.


It’s a comforting time, you can do whatever you want, the sky is the limit and you feel a new hope spiring inside you. You take a detour on your way home just to see if the sqills are in bloom in the park, the bike has never felt so easy to pedal and you feel like there is an hot air ballon inside you because you float and every new sign of life makes you smile. It’s a great time to be young and to be a student (except that you have no patience with studies at this moment) but it’s equally wonderful to be older – the sky is the limit, it’s a comforting time.

It used to culminate in the spring ball, probably one of the most romantic evenings in the whole year if all goes well and by that

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I mean things like, you don’t get too tired because you’ve worked like a little maniac for the past month and want to go home by ten o’clock (which is a little difficult since you’ve probably just started your main course at the dinner by ten o’clock), or you have boring dinner company or you lose all your friends on the dance floor and can’t find them again or there is too much of something you’re allergic too in the food and you spend the rest of the evening feeling queezy, there are a lot that can go wrong but if everything works out, it’s a lovely evening when you stay out all night, dancing, listening to choir music in the park, baking scones in the wee hours of the morning and have picnic outside, playing games (yeah, you try playing kubb in a ball gown, it works but you need hold out your skirt with one hand while playing with the other) in the park when you’ve kicked off your shoes somewhere, eating ice crem and then slowly walking back home in the early afternoon the day after. Yes, a spring ball can last for a long time.

That’s the ultimate spring evening but it doesn’t have to be that fancy, just biking through town on a regular May or April evening can just as rewarding. The smell and the expectations that floats in the air can make just about anyone happy, I promise.