Project Baby Love


It’s time to get down to business. While my trip knitting is still in quarantine it’s time I get some work down. The MKALs I’ve been casting on are only lasting so long before I have to wait for the next clue and by now it sure is time to stop procrastinate and get things going.

Last year I knit eleven sweaters for chidlren, ages newborn to fours years old. Let’s marvel over that number for a moment – elven baby sweaters.

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Eleven baby sweaters, I must have had a lot of spare time. Or I was knitting as therapy. Or actually, it was both. What I remember though is that I was churning out some of them in no time at all. The red raglan sweater with the cables and the lace was done in a day (Good Friday as it happens)

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and I don’t remember it being very stressful either. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even try to make a sweater in just one day, it just fell off my needles.

So, last year all babies were born between July and September which gave me a good few months to knit baby sweaters. This year though, this year all babies, that I know of, are born between January and May (actually, there is one in September too) and, and I don’t have to point it out to you, it is now March and I haven’t knit a single one! (Sort of, I have knit one but that one was for a baby shower, not for the actual birth. Plus, it was for my nephew and he needs a little bit more sweaters than the others since he lives in a land far, far away and can’t get hugs from me as frequently as the others can so he needs his wool love, how else will he know that his Aunt Ina loves him?). So, from now on I’m casting on baby sweaters and I won’t stop till all the woolly baby love has been sent off in the right directions.

Knit on, knit small – Project Baby Love is cast on!