The Stash continued


Yesterday I told you about the undecided yarn in my stash, yarn that was bought without an intended project or thought. Some yarn is simply baby yarn, yarn that’s supposed to become a baby attire. Other yarn is simply Ina yarn, something for me, perhaps a shawl or sock depending on the quantity. And then there is yarn for other people, most often with a specific pattern in mind that I’ve been thinking of making (it’s extremely hard to make that yarn into something else if it already had a designated pattern, even if I’m not ever casting on that project), but not always, sometimes is more of yarn that I’ve bought to make socks or wrist warmers for someone else. Good-to-have-yarn, so to speak, in case of a birthday or an unexpected party or even Christmas. I am also extremely categorical – yarn that was intended for me will always be for me and yarn that was intended for someone else will always be for someone else. It would feel wrong to use that for myself. Some yarn though, like random sock yarn can be either for me or for someone else, as long as I make socks from it.

And then there is undecided yarn. Yarn that I bought because it was pretty. That yarn is most often for me but that’s often as far as it goes. What if I make something out of it and later realize that I should have made something different? What if I can’t find more of that yarn if I knit it. If I knit it, it won’t be yarn and I won’t have it in my stash anymore. The rest of the stash would feel lonely. I can’t do that to the stash, can I?

Not to mention the yarn that is too pretty to knit. I once got a wonderful bubble gum pink skein of a delicious yarn and it’s so delicious that I will probably never find a pattern worthy enough for that skein. At the same time there is yarn in my stash that is too ugly to knit. Back when I was not as experienced as a knitter I got yarn without knowing what I like the best. It was in great quantities but I saved it till I was a bit more experienced. Now I’m more experienced but also more picky about my yarn. I would feel ashamed to give away something knit from that yarn because I know how bad the quality is. It would be more of a punishment than a gift to give it someone. So, what to do with it?

Then there is the question of when you can actually say that a yarn has taken a place in the stash, but again, that is a question for another day.