Calleth you, cometh I


My stash is calling me. It whispers softly “Ina… Ina…” when I walk past it and it completely shouts at me while I brush my teeth in the evenings. When I look at it, it jumps up and down telling me things like “knit me, knit me, you know you want to”. I had no idea I had such a loud stash! Before, my stash was silenced and held down by thick plastic boxes hidden under the bed. The skeins could only talk to the skeins that were in the same box and they had never really met each other, unless they came home in the same plastic bag and then separated into different boxes. I didn’t really look at my stash on a regular basis. I took it out, box by box, when I was looking for something but other than that, we held separate lives, me and the stash. The stash was silenced.

Now times are different. The stash is up on shelves, it can scan the room looking for me and each other. It can look at the work in progress lying on the coffee table and it can shout things like “hey good-looking, don’t forget to come visit once you’re finished” or “say hi to that white merino in the shawl box if you see him, we had a nice thing going on” to the poor fellow on the needles. I can also be a bit nasty out of jealousy. I’ve heard things like “don’t you think that’s way too many yarn overs, what are you, knitting or a net?” to the poor lace weight knitting in the corner. I’ve even caught the more experienced stash habitants grumbling things like “you never belonged here anyway” to a shawl in progress. As if they would ever get out of the stash after a thing like that, humpf!

The stash has also started to call on me. It puts up its finest side and lie there looking all innocent while at the same time tempting me, flirting with me (I’m pretty sure some of the younger yarn balls have read The Game by Neil Stauss but the joke’s on them because so have I) and just trying to seduce me into abandon my lovely merino shawl that I have on the needles right now and that deserves my full attention (mainly because I need to wear on February 21 at the latest). I see to yarn balls in a lovely color combination of pink and green that raise their eyebrows slowely at me, that makes me want to giggle, and tell me how beautiful they would look in a baby sweater. I know I need to knit baby sweaters right now, this isn’t fair at all!

They say that all is fair in love and war though, and I sure hope this seducing strategy is love because I’m not sure I would win if I got into a war with my stash. It has even started to seducing other people as well. My mother came over for dinner the other night and I saw how she was drawn to the stash, caressing the alpacka, squeezing the wool. If she wasn’t such a determined one-project-at-a-time knitter, I’m pretty sure I would have had to search through her pockets before she left. It’s the power of the stash, I tell you, we all feel it.

It has even started to link into each other, despite being of different shelves, just to show me what beautiful color combinations they would make if I just sat down, took out my needle case and cast on.

I won’t though. Not yet. I have blue merino lace knitting and a bobbin lace deadline, I can’t afford myself to be distracted. Stash, I’m shutting you out if you don’t quiet down a bit for the next three weeks. I’ll get to you. Eventually.




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post’s title is borrowed from the song Calleth You, Cometh I by the Swedish pop group The Ark.