Personalized cables

It’s the last day of January and I have one more project to show you. In reality I have three more projects to show you but two I don’t have pictures of yet (and one of them is packed in a box somewhere and I don’t really know where so we’ll have to wait a while on that). This piece of beauty below though, what a masterpiece. I think it’s a worthy ending of the month and on a Friday too, how about that!


This is my mother’s Christmas sweater with the wonderfully inspired name Double-Breasted Pullover by Cathy Payson.


It’s knit in Cascade 220 from Cascade Yarns in the color Burgundy.


I made a little innovation when it came to the front cables and didn’t realize it until I had started on the sleeves but I think this is better. It’s more personal this way, don’t you think?


There are no innovations on the sleeves though. Or rather, there are no innovations on the sleeve cables.


The sleeves themselves became puff sleeves due to mysterious reasons that only the knitting goddess knows. I think it added a little more character to the sweater.


There are supposed to be buttons on both sides of the sweater but I wasn’t sure my mum wanted that so she got brass buttons on the side. She liked the buttons so there are now one row of five buttons on each side of the cables.

It looks really good!


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