Post New Year Cleaning VI


It goes on and on. I must have forgotten a whole bunch of projects last year but they all seem to find their way back now, which is good. I’m completely drained, I’ve studied all day and am very confused right now, all that’s in my head is Polish verb conjugations and accusatve and genitive cases.


Today’s project is a co-project with my mum. Two years ago I knit a blanket for my friend’s wedding and a year ago, when my cousin mentioned that she was going to get  married the coming summer, I suggested that mum and I should knit her and her husband-to-be a blanket.


This blanket is knit in domino knitting from the book by Vivian Høxbro.


It’s knit in Drops Nepal from Garnstudio, colors 7139 grey green and 7120 light grey green. I think it took about twenty balls of each color.


I thought my mum how to do domino knitting, figured out how to work with the colors to get the pattern as we wanted and cast on and knitted the first few rows of squares. We let the blanket stay at my mother’s and during the spring and fall she has kept on knitting on it. In late October I was at her place and did the last ten-ish squares and then my mum blocked it and wove in the ends.


We’re both very happy with the result and I think my cousin and her husband are too.