WIP. The letters stand for Work In Progress and I find it fitting that that’s the word for today. Yesterday I started what I think will be the last project of this year – a shawl for me. It’s purple and greyish purple and I really wish to be finished by New Year’s.


Hopefully it will be a big warm shawl for every occasion.

Today I’ve been watching views and lights and I think lights are a big part of why I love Christmas. I mean, look at this!



How can you not be happy when you look

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at that? It’s just standing in the middle of the sidewalk looking pretty. All day I’ve found pretty things like that. I’m a total sucker for decorations, especially Christmas themed decorations. I even chose high-school based on the Christmas decorations. I really love when people walk the extra mile just to make something beautiful for other people to look at. It’s a lot like knitting, you walknot just a mile but hundreds and hundreds of miles just to make something beautiful.

Now I’m going to knit s few roundsbefore it’s time for bed. Tomorrow I’m going yarn shopping and I really want to be clear in the head and awake for that one. It will be awesome!