Today’s word in the Photo A Day – challengeĀ is family. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, a time when family are gathering. For some people though, Christmas is not a happy time and neither is the thought of family. There are way too many broken homes and lonely people and to a lot of people Christmas means nothing but anxiety and nuisance.


This year my family became smaller as a significant part of it passed away. This is the first Christmas without my father and that is weird, to say the least.


I’ve spent the day at my mother’s place. My cold is still going strong and my nose is so red I’m giving Rudolph a match. I’ve been sitting on the couch with my feet up high, writing the verses that are going to be on the Christmas gifts tomorrow. There is a tradition that there should be verses on the gifts and me and my mum enjoy it a lot. I know some of the people that are a part of our Christmas are not as amused but I like it.

So I’ll finish now with one last call –
Merry Christmas to you all!