“What else would we do?”

Yesterday I was at a concert. A concert with one of my most favorite artists, Håkan Hellström. He’s been with me ever since his first solo album in 2000. He is my teens and my youth and there are few major things in my life that doesn’t have one of his songs associated to it. This is at least the fifth time I see him live and he always delivers.


I’m too old and too comfortable to be standing screaming at the very front of the scene, I don’t mind sitting while being at a concert and I don’t scream as much as I might have done when I was twelve year’s old and at my first concert ever – Backstreet Boys – with my best friends. I don’t remember screaming but I probably did, everybody else did. I did sing along to all the songs though, and that’s what I did yesterday too.


I am not a good singer, not at all, but I love singing, especially at concerts. I don’t think there is really a point in being at a concert and not knowing the songs. It’s sort of part of the deal, the artist sings and we know the songs.


Back at that Backstreet Boys concert in 1997 (January or February, I think), people used lighters to wave when the slow songs came on (yeah, I liked I’ll never break your heart, I admit it), these days when few people smoke anymore there are hundreds of cell phone lights waving in the arena. It looks pretty cool and is much better from a fire prevention perspective.


It was a good concert, a great mixture between upbeat and ballads and a lot of great songs. Håkan played Kom igen, Lena, which was really important that he did for reasons I don’t want to share, and he stayed out on the stage talking to fans long after the show was over and the staff started cleaning up.


And me, being who I am, used the time before Håkan went on stage, to get some knitting done. It is Christmas really soon and thanks to us being in time and Håkan getting on stage later than stated I got a whole wrist warmer done yesterday. Awesome progress! (I did not knit during the show though, not even I could do that, not with Håkan. There is too much clapping and singing and waving your hands and dancing, dancing (För det skulle ju va’ dans, dans, dans) to be able to make a decent stitch.)

By the way, “What else would we do” is a translation of a line in Kom igen, Lena. I thought it adequate in it’s simplicity.