Take the K train

I love travelling by train. If by the words “love travelling” you understand that I don’t love travelling at alI, I really dislike it but I like being away. Yes, I know, one of the things is kind of dependent of the other but this is still how I feel and sometimes I have to bite the sour apple* and do it anyway. Obviously some travelling is much easier than other and there is a big difference between going to the other side of the world and to visit a friend in a nearby city.

If I do have to travel though, I prefer the train. There is something utterly comforting in being shipped somewhere. You can have as many heavy bags as you can possibly carry but once you’re on the train you can just sit down and relax and do whatever you want. (Knit!) The train is going to take you where ever your ticket wish and if you’re really lucky you don’t have to change trains somewhere (that’s exactly something that could ruin a trip for me and make me worry) and when the train stops you’re at your destination and, if this is the perfect trip, there is someone meeting you at the platform.


I started to really appreciate trains when I lived abroad a few years ago. I always had way to heavy luggage when I travelled and the town I lived in was 330 kilometers from the airport but I knew that once I got on the train and finally found my seat, everything would be okay. If I made it to the train in time I would make it to my flight in time and I could also be doing just whatever I wanted to do on the train ride while someone else, the very nice train driver, took me to my destination. Once I got to the train and sat down and took out my knitting, it wasn’t that much different from sitting in my armchair at home knitting and then voilà, I would have travelled, without really noticing it happened.

Maybe I should rephrase – I’m okay with travelling as long as I can knit uninterupted.

*Bite the sour apple – bite the bullet, endure the hard times without complaining