The non-progess itch

I’ve had an itch, a feeling these past week that I haven’t knit enough. That I’ve just put a round in here and there and not really gotten to sit down to actually get somewhere on my WIPs – Work in progess. It’s been awful, I feel like I knit and knit and never get anywhere, which should mean that I haven’t knit that much at all. That is true, even though I’ve knit on every spare moment, those moments haven’t been many and my projects are so big it really takes some effort to get anywhere.

If you knit a baby sock and only do it on the 40 minutes train ride to the next city, you’ve probably gotten the better part of the leg done, maybe you’re even at the heel. You’ve gotten somewhere. But if you’re knitting a huge shawl or something bigger and only knit on the 40 minutes train ride, you have, if you’re lucky, gotten about 4 rows done. That feels like nothing. You probably can’t even see what you’ve done (unless you’ve made a mistake and need to rip back those four rows), that you’ve made any progress at all.

The latter is what I’ve experiences lately. I’m not getting anywhere! Huge projects, multiple huge projects and only bits and pieces of opportunities to knit, that equals not much visual progress. This has had me itching, I want to knit, I want to know I actually get somewhere so I can start on my next projects soon. It’s not as if I’ve not had a lot of fun things to do, I have done plenty of great things and met my dearest friends and had all sorts of fun, but no knitting. Of course I’ve knit when we’ve been to cafés and elsewhere but usually your company gets a little miffed if you don’t look at them at all for two hours and my current projects are all requiring concentration. There are charts, there are sneaky decreases and I need to be on the alert.

Yesterday though, yesterday was a glorious day from a knitting perspective. It was me, my knitting and some great TV series (and four hours of laundry but I could knit between loads). I didn’t worry about anything, I just knit and knit and knit. I made progress! I finished an entire sleeve and it was a great feeling to know that I was getting somewhere, that I’m not stuck in a non-progressing loop forever. The itch isn’t entirely gone but I’m pretty darn happy anyway (as long as I can keep making progess soon).

Unfortuntaly I can’t show you this amazing progress-making sleeve so I give you a glass of milk and a cookie instead.