When I was a kid I had some things I never played with. Beads for example. Don’t get me wrong, I love beads and I loved them when I was kid. I had this necklace kit that you could make a necklace out of really pretty beads. I used to play with them, put them on the string, see which ones would go together, admire them but I never ever wore them around my neck. The answer is simply that I realized that if I made a necklace out of them, I wouldn’t have them anymore. It would all be done and I could never thread my beads on that string again. What if I regretted the order I put them in? Well, I could probably just have opened the knot and thread them again but that didn’t occur to me. What if I loved it so much I never wanted to change the order of the beads but still wanted to make new necklaces? It was a dilemma and it resulted in a lot of admiring the beads but never wearing them.

Obviously the process was more fun than the finished product (and aparentely I loved owning crafts articles, nothing much has changed in that department). It’s the same with knitting. When I knit I want the finished product, I work towards it, long for it to finish so I can admire the finished result. But as soon as the project is done, I loose a bit of interest even though the finished project is still amazing.

I’m a bit the same about yarn. I have yarn, I want yarn, I love yarn. But sometimes I catch myself not wanting to knit with the yarn because that would leave me without that yarn. I have also noticed a tendency to replace already knit yarn with new yarn that is just the same. It’s the beads all over again except this time I’m grown-up and I can see that there will be new yarn (unless the apocalypse comes but we can’t constantly go wait for that) but somewhere I’m still eight years old and a little possessive with my beads.

Later in May I have the opportunity to get very nice yarn but I need to decide now what yarn I want. This is hard because the yarn is so good that it’s impossible to choose. To make matters worse, the nice lady at the yarn store sent me samples! And not just any samples. There are handwritten little notes with little butterflies punched out and tied to the yarn with purple satin ribbons. It’s simply adorable. How could you resist yarn like that?


I want the yarn and I never want to knit it. Well, I do want to knit it but if I know myself, I’ll feel that there is always a better project for the yarn and if I knit the yarn I don’t have yarn anymore… I’m not going there with this yarn! It’s going to be knit and when I’ve knit it I’m going to buy more yarn. If I can ever decide now, that it.

When I’m done deciding, I’m on a yarn diet for at least two weeks.