Knitting Attack II

If it wasn’t enough last week with lack of knitting time, I also had a few knitting attacks. I have started on a new hat and all went well, I did the ribbing and got well into the pattern.


When I realized that there was something missing. I had happily knit on, I’ve done two of these hats before and I felt confident. That’s usually when you should stop, take a step back and look things over.


Yep, I had forgotten to change needles after the ribbing was done. Ribbing was done in 4 mm needles and I should have changed to 5 mm needles.


There was nothing to do but unravel and start over from the top of the ribbing. Since knitting time was limited it felt like it took forever before I had recovered and gone past the place where I figured I had gone wrong the first time.


I got some rows done at the book club though (you can see my cookies there too) and yes, I’ve never used a cable needle, that’s a match that you see to the left in the project.


Tonight at theatre rehearsal I got even more done and now I’m confident with my project again. Please note that my project is in the theme color

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of this fall, orange. We do like orange this year. Preferably together with lime green. Not in this hat though, that would be too much.