Dobry wieczór!*

*Good evening!

Yeah, I keep being non-knitting, Polish studying and application writing but I feel much better than last night at least. Last night I studied and wrote for six hours and then all of a sudden it was time for bed. I didn’t knit a single stitch yesterday but today has been better. First of all, I have Internet access again! Yay! And, I’ve handed in my homework for my Polish class, perhaps it wasn’t the homework I’ve studied for the most in my life but more than 90 % was correct and considering this crazy week (I mean, no knitting, come on!) I think that’s a very good result. I hope I’ll catch up in  a couple of weeks when my application is done and I’ve also done my pronounciation test (I got some coaching from Agnieszka today which helped a lot). Also, I’ve written a good part on my application, which feels very good, I’m on to something, I hope. I’m still glad I have a few more days before it’s due though.

The best part though, I had a meeting today and I managed to knit twelve rows on a shawl at that meeting. That was probably necessary for my peace of mind. Now, I’ll see if I can make another few rows before it’s time for bed. I simply don’t work very well if I can’t knit at least a little every day and I need to function tomorrow if I am going to do some more of that greatness on the application.

Knit on!