Gdzie ty jesteś?


I’m sorry about the non-existing knitting in this knitting blog lately. Well, at least yesterday and today. You see, I still don’t have any Internet access and even though we’ve solved this with a quick and dirty solution, I need to make up for the lost time yesterday and study for my Polish class. The title of today’s post means “where are you” and I would have written “were is the knitting” if only I had known how to (this title is probably wrong to but I trust my Polish speakers to correct the mistakes) but for now let’s just say that I’m asking where the Internet access is.

I can tell you that the verb is correct though. It turns out that so far I’m brilliant when it comes to Polish verbs. I guess it has something to do with struggling for many, many years with French verbs and now being able to see a system and to quite easily detect what we’re dealing with. Perhaps it’s true what they say that the more languages you know the easier it becomes to learn a new one. Unfortunately for me I know Germanic languages and a Roman language but this is my first Slavic language so my previous knowledge isn’t of much help. Besides perhaps the verbs. But I guess it could have been worse – it could have been a Finno-Ugric language and that’s not even a barely related language family.

So yes, me and Polish verbs are so far very content. So far there is a regularity that I very much appreciate (I know, there are irregular verbs as well but so far there’s method in the madness, or regularities in the irregular. Try French where even the regular verbs are irregular somehow and it wasn’t until I bought the best book ever made – Becherelle, La Conjugasion – that I had any chance of structure). Me and the Polish word order on the other hand, not so much. That could just be the computer though, since it’s a computer who correct all our exercises (now you see why I need the Internet, it’s an online course) it’s a little petulant when it comes to correcting translations.

This week will be a little busy since I have a huge application due Monday and also my Polish homework due Sunday (and it seems like I still need to eat and sleep despite this!). Perhaps there won’t be much knitting time left (eeeeew) but at least the good thing about deadlines coming up is that you are soon past them. Next week I have a Polish pronounciation test too, but to sweeten the deal I’ve also been promised newborn. Not to keep obviously but at least to watch and maybe poke a little (in a gentle way of course).

So yeah, I’m sorry about the non-existing knitting but at least you can be sure that if you’re not getting any, neither am I.