The Ladies Marmelade


Today I’ve finally tried the apple marmelade we made. I made scones and met with Shrimpie and Shrimpie’m mum and we had a real tea party with tea, scones, cream cheese and home made marmelade. The marmelade was great, gosh, I make such good marmelade! I need to do this again!


The scones was really good too. Shrimpie had a great appetite and sat in my lap and ate and I don’t know how many pieces of scones disappeared in that little belly. Shrimpie also wanted to try the marmelade but needs to be a little older before that can happen. Well, Shrimp was happy as a clam anyway (pun intended!) and had a great time playing with us on the couch. Apparently plosives are fun to say and a lot words starting with plosives came out of that little mounth. The word for the pacifier was the most popular one.

Also, I got to help Shrimp’s mum with her knitting and judging by the interest that Shrimpie showed in yarn and needles there is a little unreleased knitter hidden under that onesie. I’ll teach you when you get bigger, sweetiepie!