I’ve reached the sleeves. On the sweater. I haven’t done well with sleeves in quite some time. At the beginning of the summer I had a bad case of the SSS – Second Sleeve Syndrome, one that I have still not recovered for and the sweater in question does still only have one sleeve. For this one I blame the pattern a bit too, it’s so poorly written that I wonder if anyone has test knitted for it, but apparentely someone has knit at least the pics in the book. Luckily, because you need to look at them in order to be able to move on with the sweater at all. I’m pretty sure that if I had followed the pattern literally I would have ended up with a sweater that no human being could ever wear. Well, perhaps as scarf, but no way as a sweater.


I’ll finish it though. Someday. Hopefully someday soon.

Next there was the pink and white Chanel jacket. On that one I didn’t even make it to the second sleeve, I got stuck already on the first, somewhere around the mid-upper arm. When that will be finished, I have no idea. I like the pattern but I didn’t feel I was making progress and after knitting the fronts and back, which was something huge, I needed progress and to feel that I was moving towards the finish line.


I think I need a lot of patience and time before I’ll pick it up again, perhaps sometime after Christmas.

So yeah, now it’s this little thing. Will I make it this time or will I give up just under the elbow?


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.