I hope you’ve had a great weekend. I certainly have. Not that I have done anything exciting really but I’ve put things in order and that’s very satisfying sometimes. We’ve cleaned the apartment, dusting, vaccuming, kitchen, bathroom, everything and we’ve done laundry. I don’t think there is a dustbunny to be found for miles, or at least not between our four walls.

Yesterday I was totally on a roll too, and finished no less than four projects. Sure, some of them didn’t have much left to do, some buttons, but still, it had to be done. The finishing of a project is usually the most boring part: block, sewing up, weave in ends, attach buttons, it sometimes feel very far from actual knitting – knit and purl. My best projects are the ones that you can knit in one piece, like raglan sleeves, to minimize the sewing. That’s one thing I like about the two mystery knit-alongs I’ve done so far, with patterns from Cindy Garland, that after each clue the pattern instructs the knitter to weave in ends. Such a great idea, since you have to wait for the next clue anyway you might as well weave in the ends while you do it. Plus, you don’t have that much ends each time and when you’re done with the whole project you only have one or two ends to weave in. Excellent!

Therefore it was very easy to finish the green and pink shawl, when the knitting was done I only had two ends to weave in before I could block it. I also did the last few centimeters of Lyndsey’s hat and to top it all I sewed on the buttons for two baby cardigans (even though one of them only had one button so I might have come off easy there, but why can’t you do that sometimes too?). Now everything is neat and tidy and finished and also photographed so you’ll get to see them all soon here in the blog. Next project is already on the needles and I’m happy about it so far. Soon I might be able to take care of some of my things that are closely becoming UFO’s (UnFinished Objects), but I think I’ll wait until the next time I’m on a roll.