It’s a mystery

In late February I found a Mystery Knit-A-Long on Ravelry. A knit-a-long is when a lot of people knit the same project during the same time. Almost like a sing-a-long if there were a lot of people singing the same song over a few weeks time and not necessary at the same place. As if you would tell 30 or more persons to sing It’s a Mystery by Marit Bergman whenever they have the time and in three weeks you will have sung through the entire song and you’re sending recordings to each other of your singing. In a knit-a-long you don’t have to sit next to other knitters who knit the same thing, you just know that a lot of knitters are knitting the same thing during the same period of time. By the end of the period you show each other pictures of your project.

A mystery knit-a-long is a knit-a-long where you don’t have the entire pattern when you start. You might know that it’s a shawl you’re knitting and what sort of yarn you should have and which needle size, but that’s pretty much it. Each week, or each few days, you get a new clue, a new piece of the pattern and in the end you have a finished pattern and hopefully also a finished garment.

This mystery knit-a-long project was a striped shawl knit during the course of March. On April 15 it was ok to show the pictures. I’ve tried to get it’s picture taken but, as you remember my non-knitting photographer, it was a little tricky. Now though, now I can finally show you. Here is my Misty Meadow by Cindy Garland.


The yarn is Cascade 220 Fingering from Cascade Yarns, color 8910 Citron and 9487 Puget Sound. Compared to other knitter’s shawls, mine is a bit small but it doesn’t matter. I love it anyway and I don’t have to risk dipping the edges in my teacup because I forget they’re there (yes, that might have happened with other shawls, might have), these ones simply aren’t long enough to do that!


Pictures above taken by talented photographer and darling friend Louise Kennerberg. It’s great having dedicated photographers who are willing to take pictures of your handknits. A great way to combine my knitting interest and other’s photography skills. We worked a lot with trying to get the light flow through the shawl and the result is stunning, beautiful and perfect!

Knit on!


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