Lion yellow and pumpkin knits

Almost every year around August I fall in love with a certain color. It’s the only color I can see, it’s everywhere and I love it. I buy clothes in it, I choose calendars in it, I keep it around me and everything I see in that color interests me.

2009 it was deep purple and I kept that color all around me, everywhere. I can still find traces of that obession around the apartment. I still think it’s a great color, I’m just not as in love with it as I once was.

2010 it was a certain shade of orange, a warm orange that went closer to yellow than black. I usually have problems with orange since I think it sometimes tends to look a little dirty and sad and I that makes me uncomfortable. In 2010 all I could find in that perfect shade of oragen was a scarf but I was overjoyed when I finally found it. How great!

Lejongul tröja

2011 it was lion yellow. I knit my first raglan sweater and totally redid a pattern that I like the shape of but not the lace cuffs and collar. Also, my yarn was not at all what the pattern asked for so I knit a swatch and did some math and no one was more surprised than I when it actually worked out well. It’s a great sweater in the perfect lion yellow. (The first few times that I wore it though, no one mentioned how great it looked even if they had seen me knit on it for weeks and weeks, all they could do was comment on a loose stitch that I had missed and that was unfortunately placed in the front straight on my stomach. I understand it was hard to miss but still, was that the only thing about my great sweater in the perfect lion yellow dhade that was worth commenting on? Why not be quiet then instead! It’s been a couple of years now, I’m almost over it.)


2012 it was bright red and I bought yarn that I never had time to start on but thought about often. This was probably because the other red thing I bought, my calendar, was so full all the time with things I had to do. I still have the yarn though and I know the project for it so I’ll eventually get to it.


2013 I’m back with my warm orange shade but this time it’s the combination with lime green that makes me itch. It’s a delicious combination and I haven’t gotten it out of my system yet.


It reminds me of pumpkins and apples. I wonder which little pumpkin will get something out of this. Hopefully by the time I’ve made these cuties into an equally delicious piece of knitting, I’m done with the itch too. Or not, it’s so pretty I could probably knit with this forever. Or at least till next fall.

By the way, as you can see, I’ve bought yarn which makes the total amount of skeins and balls this summer 73. So far…